Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Talk Girl of the Year Isabelle ||

Isabelle Doll and Book $120-$134 {$134 is if you want her ears pierced}

Silence: I think Isabelle is a gorgeous doll! Her hair is silly smooth! I bought her on January first! ;) the pink hair extensions clip into her hair with ribbon hoops, so only she can wear them. :)

Willow: She's beautiful! I kind of wish her eyes were more like the Ruthie look-a-like, instead of hazel/Rebeka green, which looks faker. But her hair is a lovely shade of gold, but I'm not sure the pink thing works. It looks kinda cheesy, because I doubt her parents would let her dye some of her hair pink.

Isabelle's Accessories $30

Silence: I love this set so much.

Willow: Sweet, but too expensive for not a lot of stuff.

Isabelle's Pajamas $24

Silence: it's kind of weird.. And Mia'ish I agree, but ill prob still get.

Willow: Honestly, they look a bit like Mia's pj's from way back when. I'm not saying they're copies, but they just remind one of Mia's. The pants with the skirt thing is kinda strange, but the tank top is very cute.

Isabelle's Studio $275

Silence: I love this so much! I adore the dress form. But it's way out of my price range!

Willow: Very adorable, though the price is almost funny, it's so much. But it's not funny. 'Nuff said.

Isabelle's Performance Set $38

Silence: this is just crazy adorbs, I mean seriously! And I can use the unitary for gymnastics!

Willow: I really like it! The whole dance-suit thing is a cool idea, especially because it seems quite modest.

Isabelle's Metallic Dress $34

Silence: I'm not quite sure what to think, it's a lot better in person ill tell you that. I will still buy it.

Willow: There's a tunic theme going on here, I've never seen an outfit quite like this before.

Isabelle's Dance Barre $65

Silence: so cute! Some of its is metal some plastic.

Willow: Too much for a plastic-looking bar thingy-majig.

Isabelle's Dance Case $44

Silence: love the idea! Especially because bun makers are in, But to pricey.

Willow: Way too expensive, but the slippers are cute.

Part Two Coming up soon!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

-Spoiler- Girl of the Year 2014 - Photos from eBay-

   Hey again!
   Today we have some fun stuff for ya.
   And for the record, there are spoilers for GOTY '14.


    Her name is Isabelle. Not Blanche Palmer like AG codenamed her.

   Her eyes are hazel, as quoted from Doll Diaries.

   Her hair is golden-blonde.

   With some kinda pink ends {perhaps} and maybe purple as well. Which is a bit weird.

   So, low and behold..... here are her pictures.

As you can obs see, whoever took these pictures either used a cell camera {arg!} or this just isn't a good shot.

[Note: I {Willow} got these photos off of Doll Diaries]

Silence's Opinion:
I really like Isabelle, and I think I actually might get her! I was in ballet for about a year when I was five, but I highly respect dancers, as one of my great friends is a ballerina en pointe. She is kind of similar to Lanie, but their stories are complete opposites. Her shirt reminds me of Saige's Sparkle Dress, but I still love it! I love her dip-dyed hair extension! I love that they add fun things like that to the GOTY line now. Kanani had a hair clip/necklace, McKenna had... A hair tie? Saige had her ring and Isabelle has her hair extension!! Isabelle is a gorgeous name, but it doesn't feel like American Girl to me, per say. I don't know why so please don't ask. I might rename her if/when I get her. ( I was also going to rename Saige.. that didn't happen. XD )I'm very excited to see her collection. A lot of people weren't happy, saying she is a stereo-typical blond-Barbie ballerina. I don't agree!  I think Isabelle is gorgeous! So pretty. I'm very excited for her, even though AG has made a lot of ballet outfits.
Overall I'm happy with GOTY 2014, although I would love something new. They've done a dancer before, why not soccer? Tennis? I was really hoping for an African American GOTY, they have never done one, sadly. I don't feel that is fair! I'm hoping for next year, though. 
So be on the watch for Isabelle to join my doll family!
Willow's Opinion: She's very cute. Her hair is lovely-looking, and her story idea seems quite creative. Her meet seems cute. I'm not a dancer, so I'm not sure what her shoes are supposed to be. Her top is adorbs, the color is so cute, but the asymmetrical might not work quite right. The pants look a teensy bit like exercise pants, but she is exercising in dancing, so it makes sense. I was kind of hoping for her to have light brown hair, but I am glad that she doesn't have a Marie-Grace facemold as some people hoped. D {my little sister} has MG and her face is super unique, and I'm sure that is 'Belle had MG's mold, she'd look like her twin. Nuff said.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall American Girl Releases

Silence and Willow here! We are going to let you know about the new American Girl releases for the year, and will soon post some photos from the AG Store of the items.

 Coconut Fun Outfit for Dolls $28

Silence: I don't like this outfit together, but it's great for mix and match. Please don't show my Saige... ;) she loves shorts and leggings.

Willow: The shirt is cute. very sweet. The shorts/leggings thing is not working quite right with me though. The shoes are cute! The headband is cheap {it's plastic}.

Gymnastics Set $85

Silence: I WANT THIS SO BAD! I missed out on 'Kennas so I'm happy!

Willow: A copy of McKenna's Beam and Bar because they didn't want to lose out on the cash. The colors are okay, but this thing is priced crazily. What are we supposed to tell our parents to get them to buy this for us.

Gymnastics Outfit $24

Silence: I will prob eventually get it but I actually do like it!

Willow: Ivy and McKenna are begging me for this. I think this will be worth getting.

Polar Bear Pajamas for Dolls $24

Silence: I love these! Very cute and sweet! Great for mix-and-match!

Willow: I love this! The whole thing is super sweet and very mix-n-match-able.

Spa Chair $110

Silence: I like it a little, but WAY to pricey.

Willow: Mildly cool but literally insanely overpriced! It is very cute though.

Salon Stylist Set $38

Silence: I like it, but not the price.

Willow: The price is so lame. For a teensy apron, some curlers, a miniscule spray bottle, some hair clips, and a fake itsy bitsy hair dryer {and a teeny booklet} you've gotta pay $38.

Salon Center $49

Silence: I love this, can be used as a bathroom counter too!

Willow: Bright color! I like it, though it might not go with some peoples' decor. But that's their problem ;)

Frosty Fair Isle Set $30

Silence: I LOVE THIS! Soo cute!

Willow: Very sweet, though I'd prefer non-leggings pants to go with the outfit, but the leggings will be nice for mix-n-matching.

 Puffy Jacket for Dolls $24

Silence: so sweet! But not gonna get it. I like the gloves though!

Willow: The fingerless gloves are so cute! And the jacket is very typical of what you'd see {at least I think it is}.

Snow Much Fun Set $48

Silence: Cute but pricey.

Willow: The mittens look like Mia's and the hat is adorable!

Sparkle Party Dress for Dolls $36

Silence: I love this! So sweet - love bright red!

Willow: A little bit little-girlish, but there's nothing wrong with that.

 Holiday Accessories $28

Silence: ----

Willow: Very modern. Rather small. Not going to buy. But cute.

Brocade Holiday Dress for Dolls $36

Silence: I think this is darling! May get if dunno.

Willow: This is one of my favorite modern Christmas dresses AG has ever made! It's very cute, modern, and could work for a young girl to a teenager {like me}. I hope to purchase this sometime this year.

Sparkle Sequin Outfit $30

Silence: LOVE the skirt, like adore! Shoes no offense but I hate. Shirt I love but don't love that the sequins are on a separate flap.

Willow: Cute/vintage/creative. The skirt is very cool, but the shirt is horrid. The little flap thing is so cheap looking, honestly. I saw it at the store, and it does not lay flat like in this stock photo. It totally sticks out. The shoes look kind of lame too.

Saige's Sweater Set for Girls $68 Sizes S/M and M/L

Silence: I WANT TO STEAKING SO BAD! But at $68 it's a Nordstrom price! ;P hoping for a CyberMonday or something sale.

Willow: This fits me, and I'm in my mid-teens. It's very stretchy, though a bit short for me in the sleeve area.

Saige's Necklace for Girls $12

Silence: eww... Could have at LEAST made if match Saige. Or just not have made it and made earrings of something instead.

Willow: Ten to one, this necklace probably isn't as cool as Saige's. It's okay though, if you don't mind people thinking that your name is "Saige" all of the time ;)

Saige's Wrap Bracelet for Girls $8

Silence: I want! A great idea! I want!

Willow: Honestly, kind of desperate, but not too bad. A bigger copy of her belt for your wrist. I wonder if it would fit me?

Thanks for reading!

~Silence and Willow~

Friday, March 29, 2013

Saige's Sweater Outfit Review!

Hiya everyone!

Silence here, and today I'm going to show you Saige's Sweater outfit, modeled by my doll, Elizabeth.

The sweater is soo cute, it is a rectangle with arms.. lol. but the way it sits is just so cute! it has lots of different colors, well, yellow pink red and black, and is a new mexican style pattern.

Here is an upview from the back. You kind of have to adjust the collar a little... and the front.. but nothing some fiddling with can't fix!

The tank top, it is SO versatile! It really is one of my new favorite pieces of my doll's wardrobes. It can go under so many items, it can go under the easy breezy outfit, the photographer jacket, it can be by itself, under another tank top, its great for layering!

The jeggings are so versatile, too! They can go under many things, they look eh under some things, though, like the skateboard outfit shorts, their just eh... but under the easy breezy jumper, so darling! I'm sure I will have more finds, and if I ever get a pair of doll kneehigh sneakers, I'll sure to pair them with these jeggings, I'm sure it'll be a hit!

Aaahhh... Shoes! A girls best friend! Agree? :O  I love these shoes! Again they go with SO many things! The fringe really is seperated, like it was cut, and they velcro in the back. Sometimes they look as if they don't fit right, though.. But one thing I did notice is that they are very similar to Kananis sandles.. Anyone notice that??

This is a picture of the whole outfit, isn't it darling??

Oooh! Just realized I have more detailed pics of the tank.. please hold!

*elevator music*

*Sorry blurry)

(Good shot of the texture!)

Well, thats all with pictures.. Any comments, Willow?

No, except that when/if I get Saige I'll take a few shots of her in it :) 

Awesome, Thanks, Willow!

More posts coming up soon,

Silence and Willow

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Caroline's Debut Photos: Photos by Darrion

Caroline's Collection Window: By the way, D took SO many amazing photos, we cannot caption them all. So just scroll through and you're bound to find some fun pics.