Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Talk Girl of the Year Isabelle ||

Isabelle Doll and Book $120-$134 {$134 is if you want her ears pierced}

Silence: I think Isabelle is a gorgeous doll! Her hair is silly smooth! I bought her on January first! ;) the pink hair extensions clip into her hair with ribbon hoops, so only she can wear them. :)

Willow: She's beautiful! I kind of wish her eyes were more like the Ruthie look-a-like, instead of hazel/Rebeka green, which looks faker. But her hair is a lovely shade of gold, but I'm not sure the pink thing works. It looks kinda cheesy, because I doubt her parents would let her dye some of her hair pink.

Isabelle's Accessories $30

Silence: I love this set so much.

Willow: Sweet, but too expensive for not a lot of stuff.

Isabelle's Pajamas $24

Silence: it's kind of weird.. And Mia'ish I agree, but ill prob still get.

Willow: Honestly, they look a bit like Mia's pj's from way back when. I'm not saying they're copies, but they just remind one of Mia's. The pants with the skirt thing is kinda strange, but the tank top is very cute.

Isabelle's Studio $275

Silence: I love this so much! I adore the dress form. But it's way out of my price range!

Willow: Very adorable, though the price is almost funny, it's so much. But it's not funny. 'Nuff said.

Isabelle's Performance Set $38

Silence: this is just crazy adorbs, I mean seriously! And I can use the unitary for gymnastics!

Willow: I really like it! The whole dance-suit thing is a cool idea, especially because it seems quite modest.

Isabelle's Metallic Dress $34

Silence: I'm not quite sure what to think, it's a lot better in person ill tell you that. I will still buy it.

Willow: There's a tunic theme going on here, I've never seen an outfit quite like this before.

Isabelle's Dance Barre $65

Silence: so cute! Some of its is metal some plastic.

Willow: Too much for a plastic-looking bar thingy-majig.

Isabelle's Dance Case $44

Silence: love the idea! Especially because bun makers are in, But to pricey.

Willow: Way too expensive, but the slippers are cute.

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